Insiders | Nikki Wolff’s Bridal Make Up Masterclass

Every bride and her bridal party should look flawless on the big day, and whether you have an army of pros to get you ready, or take it on yourself, there are tones of tips and tricks you can employ. From how to ensure longevity through head-tossing dance moves, flash-proof photo tips, and the lash hack that will ensure a perfect flutter all night.

We asked celebrity makeup artist and queen of ‘the glow’, Nikki Wolff , whose clients include Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Bella Hadid, how to ensure your face stays flawless on the big day. 

Nikki Wolff

Nikki Wolff

Start with skincare 

“Skincare is the most important step to create the perfect base,” says Wolff, “to get that re-ally glowy, bouncy finish, prep your skin with a super hydrating face mask before using a velvety rich moisturiser.” Try Briskin’s Real Fit SecondSkin Hydration Mask, £4, which uses a cocktail of hyaluronic acid, coconut extract and green tea to soothe and repair dry skin.

“But the trick to making sure your foundation stays on all day, is to wait for 10 minutes before going in with your primer, foundation or concealer. Allowing enough time to let the moisturiser really sink in. Your makeup won’t slip off and you’ll still have a plump and hydrated complexion.” 

Primed to perfection 

A great primer is often overlooked. It may not be everyone’s makeup bag essential, but ac-cording to Wolff they can change the way your makeup looks and lasts. “I love illuminating primers to create a bridal ethereal glow.

They also create a hydrated canvas for your foun-dation to stick to so it lasts for longer, which is essential for a wedding.” Try Delilah Cosmetics Under Wear Future Resist Foundation Primer, £34, which has a super smooth tex-ture that evens out the complexion, reduces the appearance of pores and feels light and silky on the skin. 

All about the base 

“When it comes to bridal makeup, you want your skin to look naturally flawless, so choos-ing a base is really important,” says Wolff. “Go for sheer, dewy and buildable coverage, with as Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup Foundation, £33.50, which has the perfect lightweight texture that boasts staying power and radiance.

Estée Lauder   Double Wear Nude  Water Fresh Makeup SPF 30  £38.00

Estée Lauder

Double Wear Nude

Water Fresh Makeup SPF 30


Start lightly and build up to meet your perfect finish.” For ultimate coverage to hide imperfec-tions, redness or dark circles, power up with a concealer. “I always apply concealer after foundation so you can see exactly where you need it, without putting on more than neces-sary,” explains Wolff. “I use a very small amount of a full-coverage concealer, like Kevyn Aucoin’s The Sensual Skin Enhancer, £39, as it compliments sheer foundations, without completely masking and overloading the skin.” 

KEVYN AUCOIN   The Sensual Skin Enhancer   £38.00


The Sensual Skin Enhancer


Tear-proof your makeup 

There’s no place like a wedding to bring on tears of joy, so avoiding running mascara can prove to be quite tricky. “The safest option is to go for a great waterproof formula, and if you’re going to wear false eyelashes, choose subtle individual ones rather than a strip as tears can lift the lash adhesive off. Any fallout with individuals are less obvious and easier to reapply,” advises Wolff. Try Ardell’s Duralash Individual Lashes , which provide a fluttery, natural look. 

The Finishing Touch 

Keep powder to a minimum to maintain a fresh glow. “Dust a little loose powder only where you need - the areas are usually down the centre of the face and around the nose,” says Wolff. “I always finish with a dewy setting spray like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dewy Set Setting Spray, £27, it helps to locks everything in and has a super fine mist.”

Anastasia Beverly Hills   Dewy Set Setting Spray 100ml  £27.00

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Dewy Set Setting Spray 100ml


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