Hangover from Hell? Read This...

When you wake up the morning after the night before, and you’re feeling like a rotten egg, you’ll be searching for the fastest way to get going again. We’ve rounded up the best products and have some top tips from those in the know to help you feel fresher, quicker.

Shamir Patel, pharmacist and founder of Chemist 4 U, gives us his 5 key tips below, with the TH&TH team adding in their tried and tested products that will work wonders!



Drinking plenty of water to help replace the water lost from consuming alcohol. Most symptoms of a hangover are the product of dehydration, so the earlier you can get a good quantity of water in your system, the better. Shamir Patel from Chemist 4 U.

Before you fall into bed try to drink at least one pint of water and to rehydrate sustainably choose JUST WATER. The water comes in 82% renewable packaging. The bottle’s cap and upper bottle are bio-plastic made from sugarcane, while the main bottle is a paper carton from sustainably managed forests. The brand is the brain child of Jaden Smith and was started in the U.S in 2015. The actual still spring water is bottled from a sustainable source in Northern Ireland.

We have recently come across the INCREDIBLE Potion Life. This shot of health is packed with an expertly selected blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs to give your body everything it needs to get your mind, body and soul rebalanced really quickly. Soothe your guests by giving this as wedding favour or it would make a great gift for a welcome bag on your hen.


Our body may feel groggy after a night of drinking because you're low on sleep, too. If you can, try and get in a bit more sleep if you wake up feeling awful. Sleep is the body's natural way of revitalising itself, so getting some more kip will help you to feel more awake and much better. Shamir Patel from Chemist 4 U

Ok so these are game changers. Spacemasks really does offer you a miracle. Open the cute foil pouch and apply to your eyes for a journey into utter relaxation and ultimately the best sleep of your life. They will also ease headaches and weariness from all that partying. You’re Welcome.


If you have sore muscles, cramps or a headache, light painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen (so long as it's not taken on an empty stomach) will help calm those symptoms. Shamir Patel from Chemist 4 U

Cater to your guests every hangover need by providing them with a little morning after kit that contains those all important painkillers. They will be a very well received gift the next morning!


Though a queasy stomach may put you off the idea, you really should try to fill up on food. Carbohydrates will keep you full, and fats help replace the acids lost to drinking. Either way, you should try and stomach something for the energy. Shamir Patel from Chemist 4 U

Our absolute ‘go to’ hangover meal is Wagamama’s Chicken Ramen. The broth helps re-hydrate your hurting body and helps detox your alcohol-soaked liver. This dish is literally life giving!

Wagamama - Chicken Ramen £8.95

Wagamama - Chicken Ramen £8.95

Sweat out toxins

Another hangover cure is to sweat out the toxins. Light exercise or even using a sauna might help. But be careful in heat if you feel dizzy, and only exercise if you feel comfortable to do so. Shamir Patel from Chemist 4 U

If you’re staying overnight in a hotel that happens to have a Spa, get yourself down to their steam room first thing and get those toxins sweated right out. Or if you want to be extra, get yourselves one of these at home…

We all know there is no miracle cure but we have tried and tested all these methods above ourselves and they have definitely made a difference to feeling rough the morning after the night before, and especially if the Wedding Brunch at 11am is planned and you have to get your game face back on pronto!

Louise Tew