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Interview by Kendra Leaver-Rylah

We talk with Georgina Attwood, founder of luxury planning and design company, Moriarty Events who have produced some of the most prestigious weddings across the globe from aristocracy, celebrities and more. So, if you’re not sure where to start on creating your perfect day, look no further as we talk to Attwood about the first steps to planning your big day, inside secrets and who you should be following on Instagram for your big day inspiration…


When planning a wedding, where should a couple begin? What are the first steps?

First steps are to choose a location, choose the venue and get a date! Then save the date with your guests and you are off!!!! Don’t over think it just go with your gut and love the beginning! Guest list is always hard but start with your nearest and dearest and go from there.

Why is having a planner so important for the big day?

Having a planner not only provides you with valuable knowledge and advice in the lead up to such an important day but means you and your family can feel completely relaxed and can enjoy the day without worrying if the band has arrived or the groom has his button holes or if the tables are set up correctly. The knowledge a planner has when analysing quotes and coming up with alternative ideas which might pull together the big day are so valuable they will usually pay for themselves in what they bring to table and reduce in your supplier costs.

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Getting married abroad vs. UK – what are the big things to weigh up?

Getting married in the UK you need to consider the weather. It can be more expensive and but easier to tailor as there are often more suppliers to choose from. Getting married abroad transport, slow response time from suppliers. Language barriers, exchange rates. More package deals which is great but less bespoke.

Name five things you couldn’t produce a wedding without…

1. Patience

2. Creativity

3. Excel

4. Schedule

5. Support from a planner (even I am using my team on the big day of my wedding!)

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What has been your career highlight to date?

Producing the wedding for Lord and Lady Weymouth of Longleat House. Stunning three-day wedding with a private tour for them both through their safari park!

Best wedding you ever produced, and why?

The best wedding I ever produced was probably the (above) Longleat wedding or a wedding we had in Shropshire which was 2 days long at a private stately home with its own vineyard and Soho House style huts for all the guests with 20 minutes of fireworks to Russian music and video mapping to a video of the couple on the front of the house.

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When planning a wedding what do you always need to be mindful of?

People’s opinions. Everyone is different and has a different vision. Be it the bride and groom or the parents. It’s vital to pick your battles. Some parents feel as it’s an invitation from them, and tradition needs to be upheld but others think the price of a wedding and its grandeur is unnecessary. So, tread with caution and work out the lay of the land slowly when beginning to plan and involve others

For inspiration for the big day, is Pinterest a help or a hindrance?

Pinterest is an amazing place to look for inspiration and I certainly use it a lot to help me see a client’s vision or assist them is building a “look” however a lot of what is seen on Pinterest is staged or a very expensive thing to produce so I will never commit to creating something exactly like they have seen (unless the budget is right) firstly because everything we do is bespoke but secondly because sometimes what is seen on Pinterest isn’t suitable for 100 guests maybe just 20 so logistically it can cause us some issues when exposing to clients what’s possible. We do love a client’s Pinterest board though and use them a lot for inspiration!


Who is the best person at the moment to follow on Instagram for big day inspo and why?

I love following interior designers. The colour pallets and constantly developing looks is really inspirational and they have so many styles which we can follow or merge together to create something incredible. One I particularly love is Studio Ashby!

Why does ‘wedding style’ mean to you?

Wedding style is the personality’s of two people coming together and creating a union that is marriage and the style comes from them.


What are the key trends for an Autumn/Winter wedding this year?

Strong punchy bold. A bit of black and gold and mature colours will come in. I think this year’s Autumn/winter will be a bit more formal, smart and sophisticated

What would be your advice to couples to help stick to the budget, and what should you allow a little room for?

Always allow 10% of your budget to spend things that you love 4 weeks before the wedding. Your mind will totally focus at this point and there will be gorgeous add ons you will want but you would have spent all the money and be disappointed. Save it in your back pocket and if you don’t spend it then upgrade your honeymoon flights 😂

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Why is your motto to put the ‘ART’ in Party?

MoriARTY means Party, and here at Moriarty we like to throw some epic parties with art being the main feature. I used to work in interior design for the Ivy group and did theatre and special design at university with a year at Chelsea Art School so I’m a really creative person and think that the best parties are the ones which look effortlessly artistic!

And finally, what’s next for 2020….

A fabulous Greek wedding and much more…watch his space!