Real Bride | Alexandra Carello

Her wedding is cited as one of the best by Tatler magazine. We catch up with couture bride and luxury brand consultant Alexandra Carello and learn all about the inspiration behind her big day and how she wound down on her honeymoon after the festivities had finished.


Congratulations again on your wedding, it seems like only yesterday we were meeting to discuss your bespoke bridesmaids dresses, does it seem like a distant memory or do you relive your day often?

It feels like a far away moment yet only yesterday at the same time! So much has happened: we got married, had a baby, moved into our new house, I started a new job, then left and started my own business. Yet we only got married less than two years ago which isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things. 

Our house is full of wedding memorabilia so I am often reliving our wedding weekend. Showing guests our photo album and also dancing with our daughter to our first dance song, Gloria by Umberto Tozzi. The weekend  was pure magic and worth everything we put into planning it, so we often relive it with friends and family.  Friends still talk about how much they danced and laughed.  I also have my dress at home which I cut into a mini dress. I am hoping to wear it for my 30th, if it fits! 


 Alexandra’s wedding dream team

Photography - Margherita Borsano

Venue - Castello Di Racconigi

Bridal gown - Naeem Khan

Bride & Bridesmaids shoes - Jimmy Choo

Bridesmaids dresses - Bespoke TH&TH

Stationery - GG Print London & Susannah Garrod


We loved following your wedding planning journey, where did you find most of your inspiration to create your dream day?

I had quites a set vision and wanted something classically Italian to celebrate the country we were in. My husband is from Turin so we wanted to stay true to traditional Torinese food and wine. I wanted to create something that wouldn’t date and that was the perfect compliment to the beautiful scenery.

We took a gamble to have the table outside because I had the idea to have one table for 200 people. I had never seen this before and even though it did rain for 5 minutes just as we sat down I was so glad we stuck to outside. People were amazed by the table for 200 in front of acres of greenery. 


And was this the same for your honeymoon? How did you decide on where to go?

Since we were in Turin we decided to go to Gstaad for our mini moon. You can drive in 3 - 4 hours and it is the most beautiful route.We were so content with our mini moon we decided not to go on another honeymoon! My husband chose the location, I felt I had too many decisions with the wedding so was happy to relinquish this.

The mountains was not my first choice as I had a beach destination in mind but it was the most refreshing, relaxing, beautiful holiday. I felt revived after an intense wedding weekend. My husband grew up going to the mountains in summer so it was something he really wanted to do post wedding. 


What aspects of your trip made it the perfect honeymoon?

I think after the fashion, glamour and activity of the wedding we wanted something more low key. It was so nice not having to think about what you looked like after months of making sure you looked perfect!  Each day was an adventure, we went hiking, biking, even paragliding so we were in gym gear most days and this was such a nice change.

I was exhausted following the wedding and the fresh air, copious amounts of food, freezing lakes were life giving. After the wedding diet the cheese was welcome! We stayed at The Alpina which was an amazing hotel with a beautiful spa as well. The relaxed nature of it also made it more romantic - there was no one to see and nothing to dress up for. It was really just us. 


The Alpina, Gstaad (tap right for images)


What was in your honeymoon suitcase that you bought specially for your trip?

This was the anti fashion trip.We wore trainers and shorts for all of our adventures. I did bring a lot of pieces ( I always say you just never know when the occasion might arise!) so I had gorgeous swimsuits, dresses but ended up wearing nothing except leggings, shorts and t-shirts. I dress up all the time at home and on holiday so this was lovely after months of focusing too much attention on what to wear and that ONE dress. 


What would you be packing in your suitcase this season? 

This season I would go on a beach holiday! Also I love dressing for the beach. There are so many fabulous options you can really dress up for the beach. I love wearing swimsuits now as they feel like so much more of a statement.  I always go for bold colours, clashing prints with great headbands or hats. You won’t find me in a simple linen shirt or pareo. 

Alexandra’s summer wish list….

Missoni Turbans 

Turbant -Beachwear - £230

Turbant -Beachwear - £230

Swimsuits and bikinis from Casa Raki. 

Maggie Maillot Vino - £180

Maggie Maillot Vino - £180

Cover ups from Zimmerman

Ninety-six printed ramie shirt £430

Ninety-six printed ramie shirt £430

Ninety-six belted printed linen shorts £395

Ninety-six belted printed linen shorts £395

Hairband from Camilla King Millinery

Tweed Shrimps Turban Headband - £45

Tweed Shrimps Turban Headband - £45

Silky dresses from Valle & Vic that you can just slip into

The Cannes Do - Coral Satin - £415

The Cannes Do - Coral Satin - £415

Valentino sandals

The Rockstud leather sandals - £580

The Rockstud leather sandals - £580