The beginning...

Conceived from the dreams and imaginations of founders Louie, Kitty and Ping, TH&TH collections take their inspiration from international design and the bridal style of modern Hong Kong, New York and London where they have all lived and worked.

After searching the world for elegant yet affordable gowns for their own weddings without success, an idea and a passion became reality and TH&TH was born. 

Louie, Kitty and Ping formed their close bond and style affinity on the first day of fashion school in the early 2000s, bonding over a love of extravagant designs and beautiful fabrics. 15 years later and with experience with the world’s biggest brands and brightest fashion labels, they have traveled the world looking for one of a kind pieces and style notes to create a new design signature that has formed the basis of TH&TH. 


Our Founders


Louie Tew

Commercial Director, Louie Tew oversees the sales & business strategy and also manages the operations of the company. Louie has worked in the fashion industry for 15 years and has gained experience with legendary designers and companies such as Oscar De La Renta, Louis Vuitton, Temperley and Karl Lagerfeld.


Ping Nong

Creative Director, Ping Nong manages the creative design and product development of the brand. Ping has managed teams for some of the world’s leading fashion brands and has extensive knowledge and experience working with high level production houses combined with a Degree in Fashion Design and Masters in Global Fashion Management.


Kitty Dickerson-Firth

Design Director, Kitty Dickerson-Firth manages the product design and innovation at TH&TH. After graduating from Nottingham Trent University in Fashion Design, Katie began her career working for some of the UK's biggest brands, later moving to New York where she mastered her craft at some renowned US labels over the next seven years.